OTC Derivatives

OTC Derivatives

OTC Derivatives

Derivatives are specific types of instruments that derive their value over time from the performance of an underlying asset: eg equities, bonds, commodities.

Structured products or derivatives, stand for innovation, complexity and modernity. They offer investors the potential to earn returns tied to the performance of an index or basket of securities and they provide an attractive alternative to direct financial investments.

Tailored products to suit your needs

Flexibility of the derivatives means that appropriate investment solutions can be found for every risk profile, even in demanding market environments. Based on your views on investment, and our research and strategy, we offer a wide range of derivative products.

Controlling uncertainty

Access to any market and asset class including equities, FX, commodities etc. means it is possible to react flexibly to your needs and interesting trends, and also to efficiently harness opportunities that arise on the market.

Every risk profile...

Derivatives and structured products can satisfy any risk profile. Speculation-oriented investors may choose from a wide range of leverage products, yield-oriented investors prefer yield enhancement and participation products. Conservative investors are best served with capital protection products.