Market Making

Market Making

Market Making

CNHTRY Futures

Contract Size
10,000 CNH

Price Quotation and Minimum Price Tick
Prices shall be quoted in terms of Turkish Lira per Chinese Offshore Yuan significant to four decimals.
The minimum price tick is 0.0001 (0.0001*10.000 = 1 TRY  for each contract)
Sample quote: TRY 0.5194, TRY 0.5299, TRY 0.5326

Contract Months
Cycle months are February, April, June, August, October and December. Four contracts whose expiration months are the current month, the next calendar month, the next cycle month and December shall be concurrently traded.  If there are less than four contracts, an extra contract with an expiration month of December of the next year shall be launched.

Cash settlement

Final Settlement Price
The CNH/TRY rate calculated with exchange rate of USD/CNY (HK) announced by the Hong Kong Treasury Markets Association and average of USD/TRY selling and buying rates announced by the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey at 15:30 of the last trading day.
The Last Settlement Price shall be rounded to the nearest tick.
If the final settlement price cannot be calculated due to public market holiday or any other reason the Settlement Price Committee will determine the final settlement price on the expiry day.

Trading Collateral Rules

 It is determined according to Clearing Legislation. The required margin for 1 contract CNH/TRY is 2,435 TRY as of 15/03/2022

Trading Hours
Continuous trading from 09:30 to 18:15 (local time).